In Apptimist Stuiod we value 3 things most of all – Easy and Transparent Communication, Quality and Security

Easy And Transparent Communication
Martin Anev Apptimist StudioTo communicate easily is our main priority. We know how important for our customers is the availability of the technical support whenever they need it. We understand that sometimes the technologies could be overwhelming to non-technical people, so we will do our best to explain you our approach in a way that you will understand, regardless of your technical background. We value highly the need of clear communication, without misleading terms or unclear terminology. Wherever you are, we want to make you sure that you can communicate easily as if we are right across the table.
We ship our products only after we tested them and we liked them. Details and exceptional design are essential part of any system nowadays. We insist that any person of our team has good understandings of design and delivers quality product. 


We follow the latest security standards and we make no compromise on this matter. From E-commerce websites to IoT (Internet of Things) smart objects – we ensure that our customer’s products are well secured. No need to trust us – let the security tests speak for themselves.


In order to help you grow your business or start with your new idea, our
experts can advise you in in the following areas:

Web Design

Your new website can be done with simple automated tools, like WordPress, providing fast and cheap solution, or fully customized mobile-friendly web development with Ruby on Rails, Django and other modern technologies. From landing pages, portfolios and e-commerce development – we can make it for you!

Mobile Development

The need of mobile applications nowadays is crucial for many businesses
as most of your users are probably looking for you on their mobile phones. iOS,
Android or Cross-platform development, we are here for you. Tell us your idea and make it a reality.

SEO Analisys

We can give you full supoport on Search Engine Optimizations
for your existing or new website. From modifying your web pages to be more
friendly for the search engines to promoting your site on Google,
Yandex and more…

Start Up Tech Support

You have a new idea for a start up, but you miss the technical guys? We can help with your ideas on very reasonable price or equity. Looking for partners and support or just to ask about something? Just ask your question

Innovation on International Level

We believe innovation will move the world forward. That’s why many of our past projects are related to innovation. We have expertise on working with The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) projects.

API Connections

Your existing applications can talk to each other. We
have expertise with Industry 4.0 legacy applciations and integrations. There is
no more need to duplicate data or to get furstrated on your old software. We can connect it and
improve it!

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