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Thrive Circle

Mobile app

A mobile app about building healthy habits alone or with friends. The includes features such as chat, habit monitoring, and meditation.

Health 24

Shopping cart

An e-commerce website for sports supplements, Health24 became one of the leaders of the e-commerce health supplements in Bulgaria.


Mobile app

An end-to-end encrypted network, which allows users to safely store and securely share their data.

Coworking spaces

UX Research

A discovery UX research that helped to validate a startup idea. The findings determined user personas and journey maps, which informed the structure of the business services.


Mobile app

A peer-to-peer cross-platform offline file sharing application that allows users to share large files over local networks.


Mobile app

A white-labeled life coaching application that allows life coaches to engage with their customers and create their life journeys using a powerful and customizable CMS.

Electric Eye

Mobile app

A threat-awareness mobile application for business travelers en route to Mexico. Pressing a panic button, the app starts streaming video & audio, sends the GPS data to the servers, and dispatches a security team to the location of the user. The application also includes a map of dangerous areas and provides route planner that ensures the safest route to a desired destination.

MS Dynamics 365: Installation Wizard

B2B Website

The installation wizard helps Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to include desired modules dynamically, without the need for manual configuration from a third-party, thus saving on the consulting costs. The wizard is used mainly by companies in the healthcare and financial sector.

Lucid Air

Mobile app

Improving the User Experience of the Lucid Air Motors Cars, we made functional improvements as well visual enhancement of the Lucid Air's mobile application.

BG Imane

Mobile app

An online platform built to support the creation of awesome Treasure hunt games events for BG Imane.

SunWalker VR Game


SunWalker is an open-story, adventure exploration game for VR. It’s a story about discovery and world-exploration, empowering the player to create their own narrative in this strange and unknown world. SunWalker debuted at GDC 2018 and won a Best of Play Winner Award.

Guess What?


The Guess What? game is a research study done with Stanford University for parents of children between the ages of 3 and 12 years. Families who participate are helping researchers in the Wall Lab use machine learning and AI to analyze behaviors expressed by children while interacting with families via home video.

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