Project Overview

With Cabinet, you no longer have to worry about spending extra money on Cloud storage or file transfer services because our app does it all.


Our Solution

The solution was a fully custom cross-platform application that enables super high speed peer-to-peer file sharing over local network. The main advantage of Cabinet before other applications is that it doesn't require an internet connection to work. It allows for transfers over wi-fi even when teh wi-fi does not have internet access

We built a network aware application that shows the network you're connected to and beams signals to mobile devices on the same network to find other Cabinet users in order to receive or send files
We implemented a sleek design that let's users really easily pick photos from their gallery or files from their file manager so they can share them with friends or family
We built a native in-app purchase solution that let's you purchase a professional version of the application from the App or Play stores


Users are able to transfer as many files as they want with absolutely no size restrictions. With lossless transfer, they never have to worry about downgraded quality when sending large or high-quality files or media. With so many applications, Cabinet is poised to become the fastest growing file transfer app in the market today.



Mobile app

An end-to-end encrypted network, which allows users to safely store and securely share their data.

Coworking spaces

UX Research

A discovery UX research that helped to validate a startup idea. The findings determined user personas and journey maps, which informed the structure of the business services.


Mobile app

A peer-to-peer cross-platform offline file sharing application that allows users to share large files over local networks.

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