Project Overview

CastleKeyp is an end-to-end encrypted platform that supports iOS, Android and Web. It helps you store what's important to you and selectively share it with your network.

Our Challenges


In this rapidly changing world where personal data has an ever-increasing value it's important to keep your data secure. The world needed an application that helps you store and access data securely right at your fingertips. The added ability to be able to share that information securely with connection on the network comes in handy when you want to keep your friends up to date.


Our Solution

We built a fully custom solution that implements secure end-to-end encryption protocols. We were even able to protect the system from itself by implementing protocols and functionalities that prevent even the owner and developers of the system to be unable to access the user's data.

React native mobile application for a native look and feel
State of the art end-to-end encryption inspired by the market leaders in the encryption area
A react based web site that provides easier access to personal data and allows for quicker operations


Castle Keyp is a one of a kind solution for managing the business of life. You can visit the webpage and find out for yourself


MS Dynamics: Installation Wizard

B2B Website

The installation wizard helps Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to include desired modules dynamically, without the need for manual configuration from a third-party, thus saving on the consulting costs. The wizard is used mainly by companies in the healthcare and financial sector.

Electric Eye

Mobile app

A threat-awareness mobile application for business travelers en route to Mexico. Pressing a panic button, the app starts streaming video & audio, sends the GPS data to the servers, and dispatches a security team to the location of the user. The application also includes a map of dangerous areas and provides route planner that ensures the safest route to a desired destination.


Mobile app

An end-to-end encrypted network, which allows users to safely store and securely share their data.

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