So how much would cost a website…? What is included? How to know if I have everything?

Many questions about it and few clear answers. We prefer easy and transparent communication, so we created this article on the topic. First, let’s clear out what can influence the price of and some free examples.

How much does a website cost?

Depends on your requirements and needs – a website could be as cheap as for free ( to several thousands of Euros (or Dollars, or your preferred currency). Why is that? Because creating a website on a free platform and with free template gives you small flexibility – fixed domain name (the name on top of the URL bar of your web browser) and other limitations. Opting for a bigger plan on such websites might give you some more options on top, but might end up as quite a big cost, especially when you add your domain name and all the services (currently 25$ per month and you still don’t get absolutely everything). The cost of creating a website is not only in the price itself but also on the time spent… We will discuss this below.

Ordering a website vs making it myself?

Even if you want something simple – the real question to ask yourself here is how many hours would it take you to create it. You will have to choose a good template, and install everything on a good server, and then there is still a huge chance to find out that your website is looking awful on a mobile device? According to this article – in 2017 more than 50% of web traffic was mobile. It is very important for your website to be mobile-friendly. Even if you have one and it’s not – you will need to update it. Then what about all the Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) that you need to take care of… And security… Content creation… Well if you have time to spend and it’s your hobby, you could probably do it, but there is also another way and not necessarily more expensive – just delegate it to someone who knows how to do it fast and easy for you.

How to order a website?

It’s as easy as contacting us.

You can order a website from a freelancer or studio to be created for you. Instead of spending few hundred dollars on templates, settings, and strange add-ons, you could just delegate it to someone else and do what you do best – your business. If you order a website from a studio or developer they can deliver everything to you in few days.
And since WordPress is not a one-stop solution, they will also choose for you the best technology to use for your case (Ruby on Rails, Django, ecc.) More complex projects require serious development and then the platforms for free websites are not sufficient.
Take for example this e-commerce store for Fireworks (, it needs support in English and Russian, it needs custom tailored emails when an order is ready and it has a lot of options that they requested for their specific needs. We developed their website with modern and secure technologies, and now they are happily serving their customers. Furthermore, they know that they have the flexibility to change everything they want, whenever they want as easy as just sending a message in a chat. If you want something similar, just let us know your idea, and you could have all the freedom that you want. You can browse our portfolio for ideas and inspirations.

What do I ask for on a website? How do I know if I have everything?

The best part is that here at Apptimist Studio we can take care of everything that you need without you explicitly asking. We know what should be done and what a modern website should have. For small projects, we can install WordPress on a server that costs less than on the WordPress site itself and we will prepare all the security, SEO and mail settings for you for as little as €400. And it includes everything that you need.  As one of our main priorities is quality, we will make sure that you have all the things you need.

We will propose you templates and styles for your website and digital identity, good visualization on mobile devices, we will set the security for you and create your mail addresses for you and your employees – so that you are ready to start immediately with everything ready. We will set all the SEO settings that you need – meta tags, descriptions, keywords and so on. We understand how important is to communicate easily with your partners and to have everything prepared. And if you want to have the content prepared inside – we can do it for you too.

For your bigger projects, just contact us and let us know about your ideas or needs and we will get back to you to discuss what would be best for you, according to us. We are technologically agnostic, so we will not push you any technology just because we love it, we are unbiased to what technology should be used.