We have worked on various projects that we categorize mainly as Innovation, Web and Mobile applications. We have experience with startups, medium size companies, big corporations and European institutions. Our clients span from Italy, Switzerland, Russia and more.

Martin Anev Apptimist Studio


We have experts that worked with IoT (Internet of Things) connected smart devices, Indoor
Localization, AR
(Augmented Reality) and more. Apptimist Studio provides the libraries for applications (also known as SDKs) for Bluetooth connection and Cloud communication for customers that deploy their products on world-wide scale.
There are devices using this technology in Japan, Thailand, Greece, Spain, Mexico and growing.


Cefriel and EIT Digital

Our customers include big European Innovation Companies and Institutes as Cefriel and the EIT Digital | European Institute of Innovation & Technology. Our experts have worked on numerous projects with Leading European Car Manufacturer and Industry 4.0 projects for Big International Industries.

Mobile Applications

iOS Apps – iPad and iPhone

Our experts developed a prototype for a manufacturer of medical systems that serves for Indoor Localization and Assets Tracking in Real-Time of different objects within the factory. The management uses iPad to monitor the status of the factory, while the workers on the assembly line can use the indoor localization to track the assets they need to retrieve from various locations around the production line.
It was developed with Swift for iOS.

We are working with a big home appliance manufacturer to produce their smart
IoT (Internet of Things) connected smart devices. Apptimist Studio provides the libraries for the iOS application (also known as SDKs), and the Bluetooth connection. The smart devices communicate with AWS (Amazon Web Services) protocols and are deployed on world-wide scale.



Bier Butler

An Android Chat Bot Application. Bier Butler recommends a beer based on the meal that the users eat. The chatbot recommends special craft beers, as well as more commercial ones. It would give you more information about the different styles and their properties and where to buy them. The engaging chatbot would type out the recommendations based on your meal, but if you are not satisfied – it would give you more alternatives and general information about the different styles of beer.
The application was implemented for the 2018 Dutch Week of Beer Festival. Download on Google Play Store and iOS.



Bier Butler 1
Bier Butler 2
Bier Butler 3

Skip The Line

An Android Application that mixes innovation and technology – now in Supermarkets SPAR in the Netherlands, the users can scan the barcode of their products with a smartphone, pay immediately with Tikkie web payments and leave the store, without waiting any lines or interact with cashiers. The Android app was done by Apptimist Studio, while the iOS was done by Social Brothers.


Skippy - Skip the line in SPAR Supermarkets



Spar City

Spar City is an Android app for one of the biggest Supermarket chains globally and in The Netherlands. The App focuses on the Dutch market as allows the users to claim discounts on deals and then present them in the store to obtain the discount. Furthermore it provides live data of the closest opened stores and the history of purchased deals. As a bonus for the user there is a free coffee when he/she passes close to one of the stores. The Android app was done by Apptimist Studio, while the iOS was done by Social Brothers.



Food app

The Food App (2015)

An Android and Web based Food Social Network. The users are able to exchange recipes and store them in their personal area. They can follow other cooks, like and comment on recipes, or upload their own recipes, upload photos, guiding steps and measuring units.
The system provides also a forum for the users to ask questions and get ideas.

Food app 2



The Museum Demo

An Android Application for prototype for a museum, where the users can connect via Bluetooth to iBeacons, get Indoor Directions to an item in the museum, then scan a tag and watch an Augmented Reality (AR) content, 3D models, special videos related to the objects.
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E-commerce websites:

Health 24

Health 24

Health 24 is e-commerce web store for food supplements and sports equipment. Health 24is serving hundreds of
customers and provides a lot of useful advices on training and food nutrition. The website serves more than 2500
products, has a blog section, user profiles, and many advanced modern features.
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Fireworks Tornado RuFireworks Tornado Ru

Fireworks Tornado (Фейерверки Торнадо) is an international network of companies selling consumer pyrotechnics and making professional fireworks shows for weddings, business events and special occasions. The company was established 1995 and has established as one of the leaders on the market, winning international competitions and giving lectures on international forums.


Fireworks Tornado BG

Fireworks Tornado BG


Apptimist Studio provides for Fireworks Tornado not only their fully featured e-commerce store but also long-time maintenance and support on different IT aspects.
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Fireworks Tornado BG

Portfolio websites:

Another Scratch In The Wall

Another Scratch In The Wall

Another Scratch In The Wall is the most popular blog in Italy for street art culture. Graffiti, Street Art, Street Events, etc. Now with their new website done by Apptimist Studio, the users can book online a ticket for a ‘Street Art Tour’ in Milan, Italy, the tours are held in English and Italian. Explore the Street Art Culture in Italy with Another Scratch In The Wall.
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Chris Karanja Communications

Chris Karanja Communications

Chris Karanja communications is a boutique communications consultancy based in The Netherlands focusing on Africa as a key market. The mainstay of Chris Karanja communications will be aviation PR & consultancy for organizations seeking business opportunities in Africa.
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Milioni Baloni Ru

Milioni Baloni - Online Portfolio and E-commerce
Milioni Baloni is an international network of companies selling retail and wholesale balloons and party accessories. The company was established at 2000 and has strong presence on several international markets. Apptimist Studio provides for Milioni Baloni long-time maintenance, social media presence, SEO optimization and support on different IT aspects.


The Smile Team

The Smile Team - Dentist Studio
The Smile Team is a Dentist studio of young professionals. Their new website has increased their visibility and improved the market share.
The website of The Smile Team includes not only simple portfolio and basic information about the dentist studio, but also an online possibility for customers to book their visits, automated confirmations for both the dentist and the customer and a synchronization with Google Calendar for easier workflows.