Project Overview

Spar City is an application for mobile in-store shopping at the Spar City supermarket chain in The Netherlands. The app enables users to scan products and make contactless payments in stores, thus erasing the need for cash registers.

Our Challenges


The goal of the Spar Supermarkets was to reduce the users' waiting time when making payments for the purchases done in the store. With a partnering company, our solution was to create an application that would serve as a cash register itself. In this way, shoppers can use their phones to scan the products directly and make a payment once they have added all the products into their online carts, without the need to wait in a line for a cashier or self-checkout machines.

Our Solution

Our solution was a fully-customized mobile app built according to the e-commerce requirements of the customer. The app was built as a native Android application. The app enables mobile in-store shopping without the need for cash registers, thus decreasing the time spent waiting for the shoppers.

The app enabled users to scan products with their phones and create online shopping carts where the items scanned were added to.
For the payment, we integrated the app with with the Tikkie payments, a system greatly popular in the country.
The app enabled users to connect their Spar loyalty accounts, thus receiving promotions and discounts straight through the app, which improved Spar's selling points.


Spar City was successfully developed and launched, and we are proud to know that thousands of people are using it for their in-store purchases. You can download the application from the Google Play Store (

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