Project Overview

Thrive Circle is a mobile application, the scope of which is to help its users attain goals and set up new habits (or break old habits) with the help of a supporting community and custom tools.

Client's Request


Thrive Circle wanted to create a platform that would use the benefits of a social network to foster new behaviour & thinking among its users. First, it wants to help the users in finding a goal that's relevant and ambitious for them through an in-built survey. Second, it supports the users in keeping track of their goal's progress through active challenges with other users and daily reflections. Third, it creates a supporting community, where people can work together on topics of common interest and share their progress. The platform, therefore, features chat, journaling, content creation and sharing, challenges, a forum, and subscriptions.


Our Solution

We have been working with the client for over 2 years now and have been delivering services in the 3 main areas: Development, UX Research & Design & Product testing. We helped our client to iterate the product in line with the findings from the user research testing and provided technical and business counsel.

Development: Building of a fully-custom solution for the platform, including a website and a mobile application with several custom features
User Research and Design: extensive user research fine tuning the product-market fit & support with the visual design and competitors' analysis
Quality Assurance: stress-testing the platform to ensure smooth functioning in line with the best standards & users' expectations


As a result of our partnership with the client, we have helped to shape the platform's purpose and functioning, championing users' needs and behaviours along with lean-startup thinking & development practices. The platform now features a lot of custom solutions, among them chat, audio messaging, payments, journaling, goals' tracking, user challenges and others. Thrive Circle will be launched in the second half of 2023 and we cannot wait to celebrate its success with our client.

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